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4 Testimonials
3 years
Lee Armstrong, Builder and Developer, Freshwater NSW

“I used InsulFloor when I built my new, double-storey house. It was used as the underfloor for both, 1st + 2nd floors. I could not be more impressed. It has proved a brilliant thermal insulator for the first floor and an excellent sound insulator for the second. We also laid underfloor heating – Again, because of InsulFloor’s insulation capability, the underfloor heating reaches its required temp. with minimal electricity consumption; thus, saving us heaps + it’s good for the environment. Also, it's strength meant that we were able to lay travertine stones as the floor covering on it without any concerns re sagging. The system is easily installed by carpenters or similar trades. What really amazed me was how resistant it was to the weather. During our build, we had a tremendous amount of rain before the roof had been completed. As a result, the InsulFloor was literally water-logged. All I needed to do was drill a few drainage holes in it and it survived the exposure brilliantly.  A partical board type flooring would have deteriorated beyond repair for high standard building works with the same exposure to rain. I'm very happy that I chose InsulFloor and highly recommend it.”

3 years
Andrew Schultz, ASA Architects Pty Ltd, Waverley, NSW

“My builders were very impressed with how easy InsulFloor was to install and I have had a lot of positive responses from the chippies and other trades. I like InsulFloor’s solid feel underfoot and obviously the insulation it provides. I am happy with InsulFloor and will definitely specify it going forward.”

3 years
Chris Duryea, Owner-Builder, Canberra, ACT

"We are very happy with the InsulFloor and also with the insulation that it provides - Even whilst the house was in the construction phase, on a 40 degree day the panels were barely warm to the touch on the top and nice and cool on the bottom. Also, InsulFloor feels and sounds nice and firm when walking on the floor, certainly more like concrete than elevated floor."

3 years
Lorant Stary, Homeowner, Melbourne, VIC

"Given my builder had not seen the InsulFloor before, he had to adapt to its installation methodology. However, once he got used to it, my builder was very enthusiastic about the InsulFloor product and system. The InsulFloor also feels very solid underfoot and I am looking forward to seeing how it performs in hot and cold conditions."

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